Today is my birthday.

I am 63 years old. Let me congratulate you too because you and I are made of the same material, created 13.700.000.000 ago.

We are as old as the universe.

5% of the universe is made of things we can touch and feel, 20% is made of dark matter, and 75% is made of dark energy, things we can not touch but we can feel.

Let me illustrate you, imagine a TV, if you turn it on and there is no channel you will only see lights, like dancing snow. 1% of this snow is the cosmic background radiation or microwaves from the Big Bang.

So next time you cant see anything on your tV dont complain, remember that you are watching the origin of the universe. Our origin too.

On the other hand, trillions of atoms have met in your body to perform billions of works in a way that is so special, so complex, so particular that it will never exist again.

Yours atoms don’t care about you, they don’t know you exist or that they exist, they are not alive and if you take from your body atom by atom there would only be atomic dust, not life.

Those atoms were created in a star, and later they have been in millions of organisms, now all of them together are you.

After, they will be transform into something different.

Do you know that in an atomic bomb only 1% of its energy is used?.

You are pure energy, more powerful than 30 hydrogen bombs.

Although the Earth is very good at creating life it is much better at killing it off. Indeed, 99% of the billions of species it has created have disappeared.

Over the last 3,800,000,000 years our ancestors have changed over and over again in shape, size, colour and species.

They have had fins, scales, they have had eggs, satiny skin and they have been hairy, they have smelled the air with a bifid tongue, they have been as big as a horse and as small as a mouse, they have lived in the sea, underground and in trees and a million other things.

Think that in those 3,800,000,000 years, time longer than the existence of those mountains, this river or that sea, every one of your ancestors has been attractive enough to find a partner and healthy enough to have children.

Therefore, his objective was to leave a small genetic load in his partner to casually and amazingly end up in you, who are here listening to my presentation on our birthday.

I have told this text in class in front of my classmates. I am an English student at the Official Language School of Donostia and I am at level B1.